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  • Silver Spiral Necklace with Natural Uncut City Scape Aquamarine Gemstone


    Every piece of Missing Link Foundry's Jewelry is one of a kind, every time, each piece handcrafted and peened, a process which takes a lot of time, and scrupulous patience.  The crystal gemstones are always facet grade highest quality and naturally formed. These unique pieces of art are heirloom quality that carry a lifetime warranty. Medicinal grade stones, with spiritual energy connected to each one. 

    Adjustable length.

    The sacred spiral is one of the oldest symbols of the continuously expanding life journey. 
    Spirals have been worn through the ages as a totem for empowerment and as a reminder... what does it hold for you? 

    Silver is conductive. 
    The moon, associated through the ages with Silver, 
    is the Missing Link that reflects the light of the sun to the earth. 
    It takes the heat of the earth to create it and the sunshine to make it twinkle.
    And you to bring it to life.