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Handmade Silver Simple Spiral Link Necklace with Jade Inclosed with Sterling Silver with Custom Variation


Each link is handmade one by one, making a simple beautiful timeless chain to show off this thin hand cut piece of Jade Stone.

The sacred spiral is one of the oldest symbols of the continuously expanding life journey. Spirals have been worn through the ages as a totem for empowerment and as a reminder... what does it hold for you? 

Every piece is an custom one of a kind, stamped and authenticated from the hands of a nationally known Gold and Silversmith Artist Charles L. Ramseyer owner Missing Link Foundry Jewelry LLC est. 1988. Featuring Gold and Silver Spirals and Rare Gemstones. Or your own!

Communicate with Charles L. Ramseyer about making your dreams or ideas happen. Sterling Silver and 14/18k Gold are used with Ancient techniques and methods to create modern body adornments. Utilize stones or crystals you have that you would like to EMPOWER as a modern goddess of the now.

Thank you for visiting us and keep smiling. :)

Charles L. Ramseyer, (Owner Missing Link Jewelry)




Silver is conductive. 

The Moon is associated through the ages with Silver, 

The Missing Link that reflects the light of the sun to the earth.

The Sun rises and brings us the light and image of Gold the we adore.

Gemstones of the Earth come together

with the Sun to make it shine to life. 

A link of precious metal and gemstones to connect you back to earth 

and bring you to nature.

We are all in this together including the earth we live on. 

Thank you, Universe.