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    Charles L. Ramseyer (Missing Link Jeweler) has been making silver links and designing custom adornments and jewelry for over 35 years... 

While following the native and historic trade routes of North America, Charles Ramseyer started his jewelry scene in the Lapidary Classes of Evanston, Chicago in the late 70's and has since evolved his work to be comparable to the highest of handmade quality craftsmanship he appreciates in the art of the ancient ones. Charles has been featured at showings in high end juried art shows Nationwide, from coast to coast, as well as some other creative positive events of this time. 

In his designs, Charles Ramseyer celebrates the symbols and heritage of adornments from as early as the Bronze Age to the present, that is NOW. Showcasing the centuries-old art form of cold-forging precious metals, 18k Gold and Sterling Silver is hand-formed into custom links, and peened to perfection

Each and every component of this jewelry from the links to the pendants - is authentically and truly hand-made.

Growing up with art enthusiasts in Chicago planted the seeds of Charles’s appreciation for art. An even deeper understanding for the rarity of quality gemstones was developed during periods of an apprenticeship in gem and mineral exploration. 
Charles Ramseyer’s interest in the cold-forging process of precious metals and jewelry design began in earnest in 1978. 

A true craftsman of various forms for the past 20 years, Charles has worked on furniture restoration and reproduction, wood, stone, and metal sculptures, as well as architectural designs of his buildings and his land, All aspects of art in which he remains active to this day.

Gemstones and precious stones, are each individually selected for its beauty and unique characteristics, featured prominently in many components of his jewelry. His unique designs are purposefully crafted to capture the brilliance and beauty of nature, simply and without distraction. 

"I [Charles Ramseyer] only work with naturally terminated facet grade Gemstone Crystals to amplify the empowerment of my jewelry and I specifically choose to leave the crystals uncut, to show the beauty that is our Earth, and keep them as natural as She (Mother Earth) has made them."

Thank you, 

-Charles L. Ramseyer (Owner of Missing Link Jewelry)

Custom Handmade Luxury Eco-Friendly Jewelry for the Modern Goddess of the World. 

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